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Volume 7

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Professor Farnsworth: Well, since Calculon killed himself, his disembodied software is in limbo, running on the computational cloud. To reclaim it, you'll need to go to Robot Hell and make a deal with the Devil.
Hermes: That doesn't sound very scientific.
Professor Farnsworth: Not to the layman, no. But that's how it works! Leave me alone!
But I'll tell you the same thing they told me: "Stop asking questions, old man, and we'll slip you an extra five grand that your crew doesn't need to know about."
Hubert J. Farnsworth Assie Come Home, Volume 7
Amy: Bender, come join us. We're watching "Rear Window".
Bender: I used to stick my rear out the window.
Zoidberg: If you prefer, we could watch "Behind the Music".
Bender: My behind used to make music.
Hermès: "Backdraft" is on.
Bender: Even my ass wouldn't watch that.
Leela: Bender, you're not a folk singer just 'cause you have a guitar.
Bender: And a flannel shirt. I claim I won it in a knife fight at J. Crew.
But, robot, you can't just make up folk songs like you can a medical diploma. They have to come from the heart.
John A. Zoidberg Forty Percent Leadbelly, Volume 7
Bring on the beer! And the scantily clad barmaids! And the more beer!
Philip J. Fry Fun on a Bun, Volume 7
Hey! I don't smell Bavarian-style vomit. Where's Oktoberfest?
Philip J. Fry Fun on a Bun, Volume 7
Leela: I didn't recognize you with your head all swollen. But it looks better now.
Fry: I guess the blood must have rushed somewhere else.
Thank you, Senator. A thoughtful and lucid answer. You will be destroyed!
Morbo Decision 3012, Volume 7
Fry: Yeah, that'll show those poor!
Leela: Why are you cheering, Fry? You're not rich!
Fry: True. But someday I might be rich, and people like me better watch their step!
Leela: Bender, you can't even vote. You're a convicted felon!
Bender: Convicted, sentenced and executed! But Nixon passes a law that says ex-cons can vote again...as long as they vote for Nixon.
He may not be perfect, but do we really want some unknown new guy? I'll stick with the evil maniac I know, thank you.
John A. Zoidberg Decision 3012, Volume 7
We just need to conceal your intelligence and honesty in a hipper, dumber package.
Turanga Leela Decision 3012, Volume 7
You explained his positions in a way even an idiot could understand. And that appealed to me, for whatever reason.
Philip J. Fry Decision 3012, Volume 7
Bender: All right. I'm going to catch Travers on video at this sleazy strip club.
[Inside the Oval Office, with Nixon]
Bender: In and out of the club 13 times in one night. That's a record.
Nixon: Where's Travers? All I see is you going in and out.
Bender: Yeah, me. I set the record.
Bender: Wait...I am a robot named B.B. Rodriguez! So, I become ruler of earth?
Travers: Indeed.
Bender: In your face, high school guidance counselor!
Jrrr: I'm gonna call you "T. "
Fry: For terrestrial?
Jrrr: No, "turd-eater".
Philip J. Fry, Jrrr T.: The Terrestrial, Volume 7
I'll never forget the feel of his soft skin against my flailing fists.
Bender Bending Rodríguez T.: The Terrestrial, Volume 7
Men bring the skulls home, women arrange them.
Lrrr T.: The Terrestrial, Volume 7
I-I'm Jrrr, of the planet Omicron Persei 8.
Jrrr T.: The Terrestrial, Volume 7

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