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John A. Zoidberg, also known as "Dr. Zoidberg" is the doctor for the express delivery company Planet Express.
He is an alien native to the planet Decapod 10 and looks like an humanoid crab.

Dr. Zoidberg is a clumsy and incompetent doctor. Although devoted to his patients and always trying to help them as best he can, he rarely understands their anatomy or biology and operations are rarely successful.

He is emotional and sentimental and is often misunderstood and underestimated by his co-workers which makes him feel rejected.

Santa Claus Robot: You have all been very naughty! Very naughty indeed! Except you, Dr. Zoidberg. This is for you.
Dr. Zoidberg: A pogo stick!
Zoidberg: So long. I'm off to toss this old shell in the dumpster and maybe pick up those potato chips Amy didn't finish yesterday.
Amy: Those were toenail clippings.
Zoidberg: A feast is a feast.
John A. Zoidberg Amazon Women in the Mood, Volume 3
Zoidberg: Ah! Muy macho! Hey, gringos, here comes El Zoido to ruin your drinking water!
Bender: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I'm Mexican and I find that offensive.
Zoidberg: You Latins are so hot-blooded!
Zoidberg: And that's how I got my new shell. It looks just like the shell I threw out yesterday and I found it in the same dumpster, but this one had a live raccoon inside. [He slurps.] Pretty good story, eh, Hermes?
Hermes: Stick to someone else, you windy barnacle!
John A. Zoidberg, Hermes Conrad Amazon Women in the Mood, Volume 3
The female Leela's problem is purely medical. Soon she will drop her eggs and they will hatch and all will be well.
John A. Zoidberg Love’s Labors Lost in Space, Volume 1
Amy: Let's all take her out tonight. There's lots of great places to meet people.
Hermes: The Federal Sex Bureau.
Bender: A saucy puppet show.
Zoidberg: The rotting carcass of a whale.
Amy: Hmm, I'll pick!
Amy: Bender, come join us. We're watching "Rear Window".
Bender: I used to stick my rear out the window.
Zoidberg: If you prefer, we could watch "Behind the Music".
Bender: My behind used to make music.
Hermès: "Backdraft" is on.
Bender: Even my ass wouldn't watch that.
But, robot, you can't just make up folk songs like you can a medical diploma. They have to come from the heart.
John A. Zoidberg Forty Percent Leadbelly, Volume 7
Zoidberg: And all we need is a little spine supplement to replace what Leela lost in that unavoidable saw mix-up.
Leela: It wasn't unavoidable! You just had to stop cutting my spine when I yelled, "Stop! You're cutting my spine!"
Turanga Leela, John A. Zoidberg The Tip of the Zoidberg, Volume 6
He may not be perfect, but do we really want some unknown new guy? I'll stick with the evil maniac I know, thank you.
John A. Zoidberg Decision 3012, Volume 7

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