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Jrrr is a young Omicronian, and is the son of Lrrr and Ndnd.

In "The Problem with Popplers", he was discovered by Leela when she looked in a poppler can with one poppler left in and Jrrr opened his eyes and said "mama".

In "T.: The Terrestrial", Jrrr is twelve years old and discover Fry left behind on Omicron Persei 8 by Planet Express team, and become friend with him.

Jrrr: I'm gonna call you "T. "
Fry: For terrestrial?
Jrrr: No, "turd-eater".
Philip J. Fry, Jrrr T.: The Terrestrial, Volume 7
I-I'm Jrrr, of the planet Omicron Persei 8.
Jrrr T.: The Terrestrial, Volume 7
Ndnd: Little one, get out of there. I'm going to count to blorx!
Jrrr: But, elder one--
Ndnd: Flingle…glorg…glorg and a gloob…
Jrrr, Ndnd The Problem with Popplers, Volume 2
Leela: Thank you, Jrrr. I hope you'll always think of me as your mom.
Jrrr: When my species grows up, we eat our moms!
Turanga Leela, Jrrr The Problem with Popplers, Volume 2

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