Quotes of Hermes Conrad for season Volume 3

Hermes Conrad

Quotes per season

Hermes: People, we got a problem: Little Nibbler's been coughing up hairballs.
Leela: Well, so has Fry. What's the big deal?
[Nibbler coughs up a huge one. In amongst the green gloop is a white cane. Fry whistles with impression.]
Fry: He's got me beat!
Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, Hermes Conrad Amazon Women in the Mood, Volume 3
Zoidberg: And that's how I got my new shell. It looks just like the shell I threw out yesterday and I found it in the same dumpster, but this one had a live raccoon inside. [He slurps.] Pretty good story, eh, Hermes?
Hermes: Stick to someone else, you windy barnacle!
John A. Zoidberg, Hermes Conrad Amazon Women in the Mood, Volume 3

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